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China's First Bullet Proof Glass
A bank robbery involving up to 100 million RMB occurred in Panyu district on 15th April 1996. Our chairman Mr. Shi was aware of the responsibility and the business opportunity.

With the support from Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Public Security Bureaus, Hingwah established a R&D center for bulletproof glass. After 3000 times of bullet tests and spending the research funding of 2 million RMB in a year, Hingwah finally developed China's first bulletproof glass in 1997.

Blast Resistant Glass
In 2001, Hingwah developed the explosion proof glass. This glass has the highest level of security among all glasses. It can offer protection against not only TNT bombers but also to bullet and 68J sharp hammer strike. This glass is widely used in armored car, police car, and military vehicle. It meets or exceeds all requirements of UL 752 and NIJ 0108-01.

The patents we have obtained are listed below.

Patent Number Patent Introduction Time
201220149706.0 Shatterproof jewelry showcase 2013
201210023444.8 Improved edge grinding production line for bulletproof glass 2012
201120116006.7 Glass against hammer strike 2011
201020222951.0 Glass against hammer strike 2010
201020206582.6 Bulletproof glass 2010
200920052078.2 Electronically controlled linkage interlocking anti-tail bulletproof security door 2009
200820201743.5 Anti-bullet proof glass for self defense 2008
200810219267.4 Hot bending technology improvement 2008
200820206059.6 Anti-bullet and pickproof glass window 2008