Guangzhou Hingwah Glass Industry Co., Ltd.

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Company Tour
  • Hingwah now has two manufacturing bases in China. One is in Guangzhou and the other in ChengDu. We established the branch in Chendu City in 2010 and intended to build it into a R&D centre of special glass in China.

  • Bulletproof glass is made in Guangzhou manufacturing base which occupies over 50,000 square meters and gathers the most sophisticated equipment in glass processing in China.

  • This workshop is mainly used to produce flat glasses, including flat bullet proof glass (used for construction, like for banks, jewelry stores, museums and personal villas), flat shatterproof glass, flat explosion proof glass, and a variety of building construction glasses, like tempered glass, fireproof glass, and hollow glass (sound and heat insulation). Some types of electrochromic glass are also made in this workshop.

  • Cutting Machine
    Loading and unloading are carried out by the air suction cup. Cutting is totally controlled, as the CAD data are transferred to this machine in advance. What the worker needs to do is just push a button. With the accurate and prompt moving of the cutting head, this machine could ensure high efficiency and maximum utilization of raw glass.

  • Automatic Edge Grinding Machine
    This automatic edge grinding machine is invented by and used only in Hingwah. It is able to automatically turn over a heavy glass, thus saving manpower. After the glass goes over the four sections of the line, edge grinding is finished.

  • Glass Washing Machine
    This machine would ensure that the glasses are clean and tidy before they are laminated or tempered. Also, washing is a quality inspection process to exclude glass with defects, like bubbles or scratches.

  • Hole Making Machine
    Controlled by computerized data, this machine brings gentle hole making and ensures the best accuracy.

  • Laminating Line
    This line is crucial for the quality of bulletproof glass. Lamination room of the line is totally insulated from the moisture and heat from the outside environment.

  • High Pressure Furnace
    After lamination, the glass will be subjected to more than 10 hours of high pressure and high temperature processing. Pressure in this furnace is 1.5 times the standard atmospheric pressure.

Glass Tempering Furnace
  • Tempered Glass Production Line 2 (Flat Glass)
  • Glass Tempering Furnace Line1 (Flat and Curve)

This workshop is mainly responsible for producing glasses for military cars, private cars, patrol boats, and some small parts, like police shield.

Layout and Cutting Area

Printing Area


Burning Furnace
After printing, the glass will be put into the burning furnace, which makes the decoration paint at the edge of the glass more durable. Temperature in this furnace is more than 200℃ and the whole process of burning takes over 3 hours.

Flat glass will be heated to about 600℃ to reach the melting point and curved to the desired shape. The whole process of heating, curving and natural cooling takes over 12 hours.

Curve Laminating Line
Curve lamination is totally different from flat lamination. Curved glass could not go through the process of pressing, so lamination is much more complex.

High Pressure Furnace
The curved glass will also go through the processing in the high pressure furnace.