Guangzhou Hingwah Glass Industry Co., Ltd.

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Cases of Cooperation

We have maintained a cooperative relationship with the Bank of China since 1998. We provide the bulletproof glass with the thickness of 22mm for the counter against the F79 light-duty tommy gun. In the following years, we continuously establish the business relationship with other banks such as China Construction Bank, HSBC, ICBC Bank, etc. Now we are providing high-level defense and security solutions against blast, ballistic and forced entry threats for banks.

Chongqing Dima Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in producing armored vehicles. We supply the blast resistant glass to them. The model number is F79B-17-XHD1B1, which has the highest level of security glass. Our explosion proof glass is resistant not only to TNT bombers but also to 7.62mm rifle and 68J sharp hammer strike. This model is widely used in the armored car, police car, and military vehicle.

The glass curtain wall area of China Import and Export Fair building is up to 69000 m2. Our company successfully won the bidding and supplied the hollow glass 12+12A+10 and laminated glass 12+1.52PVB+10.

Shenzhen Diwang Commercial Building is the landmark of Shenzhen. We supplied glass for outside curtain wall and inside partition.