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    1. Bullet-Proof Glass for Automobile

      When the bullet-resistant glass is struck by a high-speed warhead, radial cracks will form in the hit part, which deform the warhead and reduce its kinetic energy so as to prevent the warhead piercing through the glass. Additionally, the glass fragments will be stuck by organic adhesive and not fall off or splash, thus protecting human and objects around from being hurt or damaged.

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    1. Bullet-Proof Glass for Building

      Made of glass and organic layers through high temperature and high pressure processing, our bullet-proof glass for building is able to stop bullets from arms like AK-47, M14, and M16.
      With excellent strength and toughness, our bullet-proof glass could provide outstanding protection against attacks from sharp weapon like axe, hammers and so forth. It is not easy to be destroyed or broken through.

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  • Shatter-Proof Glass

    Our shatter-proof glass is made of multilayer top quality glass and special organic material with special technology. It provides protection against smashing with an ax, hammer, or other similar weapons. Also, the glass fragments will be stuck by organic adhesive and not fall off or splash, thus protecting human from being hurt.

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  • Blast Resistant GlassBlast resistant glass has the highest security level among all safety glasses. It is resistant to not only TNT bombs but also 7.62mm rifle and 68J sharp hammer strike, which means this material is actually bullet proof, shatter proof, and anti-explosion.
  • Fire Resistant GlassThe fireproof glass can effectively stop the spread of fire and thus earn more time for lives in fire accidents. Compared with other fireproof glasses in the market, our product gives better fireproof performance at the same thickness and is thinner, lighter, and more transparent.
    1. Curved Toughened Glass

      With the strength of 3 to 6 times that of ordinary glass, the curved toughened glass performs well in resisting bending and hitting. It can withstand the surface pressure of over 95MPa.

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    1. Flat Toughened GlassIf this material is broken, it turns into alveolate granules with obtuse angles, which guarantee safety and less loss.
      Our flat tempered glass is capable of withstanding a temperature change of 250 to 320℃ while normal glass can only bear 20 to 100℃
  • Laminated Glass

    When this material is broken, the fragments is stuck by the PVB film, which protects the people and objects around.
    PVB film is a kind of organic material and it can block sound waves. Therefore, our laminated safety glass offers better sound insulation performance than the pure glass with the same thickness.

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  • Heat Reflective Glass

    This product can reflect away most of the heat energy from sunlight, reduce indoor thermal accumulation, and cool the rooms, thus saving charges of ventilation and air conditioning.
    Available in multiple colors, our coated glass turns the whole building into a special colorful world.

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    1. Low E Hollow Glass

      The low E hollow glass is manufactured through coating several layers of metal oxide films on high quality transparent float glasses or tint glasses by the means of vacuum magnetroncathode sputtering. Through different combinations of metal oxide films, the lowemissivity coated glass is of good spectral selectivity.

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    1. Standard Hollow Glass

      The insulating glass can lower traffic noise from 80dB to no more than 45dB, which ensures a quiet indoor environment.
      The light transmittance of an insulated glazed unit is determined by the glass panels used and it is generally controllable from 10% to 80%.

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  • Low Iron Glass

    Especially when the glass is thickened or piled together, such phenomenon is more obvious. However, the architectural designers sometimes require clearer glass, so the low iron glass emerges. This material has high light transmittance and its perfect transparency enables you to obtain more perfect visual effect of natural color.

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    1. Printed Glass

      The printed glass is made by printing patterns on the surface of ordinary glass through the use of printing equipment. Due to its good decorative effect, it is widely used for the TV backdrop, sofa backdrop, porch, partition, craft ornament, flooring, and door in the home, hotel, KTV, and upscale clubs. It can also be used for personal portrait.

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    1. Screen Printed Glass

      The silk screened glass can be widely used to make the TV backdrop, sofa backdrop and various cabinets in the home, KTV, hotel, and upscale clubs. It also finds applications in the furniture panel, air conditioner panel, refrigerator panel, mobile phone panel, and the touch switch of all kinds of appliances. In a variety of decoration works, the screen printed glass plays an important role.

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    1. Wired Glass

      As an upscale decorative safety glass in the market, the wired glass is used in the high-end furniture, bathroom, partition, and some top grade decoration projects. It occupies a great share of the high-end market.

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    1. Processed Glass

      The frosted glass is made by using special frosting powder to corrode the surface of ordinary glass so as to produce a hazy sense of vision. It is widely used for decoration in the bar, café, home, hotel, KTV, and other places. It is used to make doors, windows, floors, stairs, tables, ceiling, folding screen, background wall, and more.

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    1. Patterned GlassApplicable to the doors and windows, furniture, as well as background wall, the patterned glass is a preferred choice for decoration in the home, hotel, office space, and entertainment venues.