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Low E Hollow Glass

The low E hollow glass is manufactured through coating several layers of metal oxide films on high quality transparent float glasses or tint glasses by the means of vacuum magnetroncathode sputtering. Through different combinations of metal oxide films, the lowemissivity coated glass is of good spectral selectivity.

Our low E hollow glass is able to let a great deal of near infrared and visible light pass through to ensure the brightness indoors. It can also prevent medium infrared and far infrared produced by heat source radiation. Thus, in hot summer, this low emissivity building material is able to prevent the solar radiation heat from entering the buildings to ensure cool indoors, while in cold winter, it is able to reflect the radiation heat of air-conditioners and warming apparatus back into the rooms. Therefore, its good heat insulation performance can greatly reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

Size Scope
Max. size:2200mm×3500mm
Min. size: 300mm×300mm
Thickness: 3mm-19mm

1. Energy Saving

Through different combination of various films, the low E hollow glass shows prominent thermal insulation performance and is able to realize warm in winter and cool in summer.

2. Comfortable
With suitable visible light transmittance, our energy-saving building material is able to keep the indoor area bright and comfortable, not dizzy in summer and limpid in winter. The low rate of glister reduces light pollution.

3. Decorative Effect
Available in various colors, this product shows a certain degree of decorative effect.

This low emissivity building material is widely used for public buildings like school, hospital, office building, hotel and airport. It is also used for sunshades in public areas.

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