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Laminated Glass

The laminated glass is a type of safety glass which is produced by inserting a PVB film between two or more layers of high quality float glass. Then, press them together with high temperature and high pressure. The obtained product provides a high level of security for buildings.

Product Features
1. High Security

When this material is broken, the fragments is stuck by the PVB film, which protects the people and objects around.

2. Sound Insulation
PVB film is a kind of organic material and it can block sound waves. Therefore, our laminated safety glass offers better sound insulation performance than the pure glass with the same thickness.

3. Anti-Ultraviolet
Most laminated glass could absorb 99% of incoming ultraviolet radiation. It protects the furniture or appliances from discoloring and damage.

This security glass is used for doors, windows, dormers, ceilings, sunshades, and curtain walls. It is also used to make furniture and aquarium.

Size Scope
Maximum Size: 2200mm×3300mm
Minimum Size: 300mm×300mm
Thickness: 6.38-40mm
PVB film color: Transparent, gray, blue, green, pink, cream white,.
PVB film thickness: 0.38-2.28mm.

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