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Flat Toughened Glass

Production Features

1. High Strength
The flat toughened glass performs well in resisting bending and hitting owing to its high strength which is 3 to 6 times that of ordinary glass. It is able to withstand a surface pressure of 95MPa.

2. High Safety
If this material is broken, it turns into alveolate granules with obtuse angles, which guarantee safety and less loss.

3. Heat Stability
Our flat tempered glass is capable of withstanding a temperature change of 250 to 320℃ while normal glass can only bear 20 to 100℃.

Performance Comparison
Items Tempered Glass Semi-tempered Glass Normal Glass
Safety Best General none
Intensity 152Mpa / 30-90Mpa
Thermal Stability 250-320℃ 100℃ 20-100℃
Surface Stress 95Mpa 24-69Mpa /
Broken State Obtuse-angle grain Shooting-broken Sharp

Size Scope
Thickness: 4mm-25mmm
Max. size: 2440×8000mm
Min. size: 300×300mm.

1. Paper between each glass as the first layer
2. Plastic film as the second layer
3. External strong fumigated wooden crates with steel banding for export

As a type of safety glass, the flat toughened glass is widely used for doors, windows, fences, and curtain walls.

Related Names
Flat Tempered Glass | Flat Safety Glass | Security Glass

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