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Curved Toughened Glass

The common hot bending glass is formed by heating the ordinary glass to its intenerating point. The curved toughened glass is produced by heating and then quickly cooling ordinary glass in a certain bend radius to improve the surface strength by several times and create safety glass with curves.

1. High Safety

If this tempered glass is broken under big force, it turns into alveolate granules with obtuse angles, which will not cause significant harm to the human body and thus ensures high safety.

2. High Strength
With the strength of 3 to 6 times that of ordinary glass, the curved toughened glass performs well in resisting bending and hitting. It can withstand the surface pressure of over 95MPa.

3. Heat Stability
Our product is able to withstand the temperature difference of 200 to 300 ℃.

4. Beautiful Appearance
Without seam or gap on the curved surface, this tempered safety glass has a good-looking profile line.

Size Scope
Thickness: 8mm-19mmm
Max. size: 2440×8000mm
Min. size: 400×600mm.

1. Paper between each glass as the first layer
2. Plastic film as the second layer
3. External strong fumigated wooden crates with steel banding for export

The curved toughened glass is applied in the decorative projects of top grade buildings adopting curved surface structure, such as lighting roof, sightseeing elevator, rotary door, furniture, etc.

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