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Fire Resistant Glass

1. Single Fire Resistant Glass
The single fire resistant glass is made by processing the ordinary glass with a series of surface treatment. Firstly, conduct ion exchange to strengthen the structure of the glass. Secondly, carry out both chemical and physical toughening process to make the glass reach fireproof standard.

The single fireproof glass can be made into curved shapes.

2. Compound Fire Resistant Glass
The compound fire resistant glass is much thicker than the single fireproof glass and it also gives better performance. It comprises at least two layers of panel glass, with fireproof liquid injected and sealed between the layers.

Product Features
The fireproof glass can effectively stop the spread of fire and thus earn more time for lives in fire accidents. Compared with other fireproof glasses in the market, our product gives better fireproof performance at the same thickness and is thinner, lighter, and more transparent.

The fire rated glass is widely used in public buildings like hotel, library, shopping mall, and high-end office buildings.

Technical Parameters
Flame-resistant level Model Flame-resistant limit (mins) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
B type level I XHFFB-30-BI 90 30 51
B type level II XHFFB-25-B II 60 25 45
B type level III XHFFB-20-B III 45 20 38
B type level IV XHFFB-15-B IV 30 15 31
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