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Shatter-Proof Glass

Our shatter-proof glass is made of multilayer top quality glass and special organic material with special technology. It provides protection against smashing with an ax, hammer, or other similar weapons. Also, the glass fragments will be stuck by organic adhesive and not fall off or splash, thus protecting human from being hurt.

This safety glass could also provide protection against typhoons. Your home would become secure against projectiles during the attack of a typhoon.

Security Level
Grade Testing Means Result
A Attack 3 times by 68J sharp weapon No hole
B Attack 6 times by 120J sharp weapon No hole
C Attack 20 times by 270J sharp weapon No hole
D Attack 30 times by 320J sharp weapon No hole
Technical Specification
No. Security Level Thickness (mm) Glass Structure Product Name
1 A 7 3+1.25+3PC FZB-A7-XH
2 12 6T+1.14+6T+0.1 FZB-A12-XHII
3 17 5+0.76+5+1.52SGP+5 FZB-A17-XHI
4 5T+1.14+5T+1.14+5T FZB-A17-XHIII
5 B 8 3+2+3PC FZB-B8-XH
6 15 5+0.63PU+4.5PC+0.63PU+5 FZB-B15-XHI
7 17 8+1.52+8+0.1 FZB-B17-XHII
8 6+0.76+6+1.25+3PC F79-FZB-B17-XHI
9 18 6+0.76+6+1.25+4.5PC F79-FZB-B18-XHI
10 21 5+1.52SGP+8+1.52SGP+5+0.1 F79B-FZB-B21-XHI
11 25 5+1.52+12+1.52+5+0.1 F79B-FZB-B25-XHII
12 31 10+1.52+10+1.52+8+0.1 F79C-FZB-B31-XHII

The shatter-proof glass is mainly applied to the systems of army and police, banking, and jewelry shop as well as the anti-violence cars, command cars, and luxury cars.

Size Scope
Max. Size: 2200×3300mm
Min. Size: 420×420mm

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