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Processed Glass

The processed glass we offer can be divided into three types, i.e., frosted type, carved type, and polished type.

The frosted glass is made by using special frosting powder to corrode the surface of ordinary glass so as to produce a hazy sense of vision. It is widely used for decoration in the bar, café, home, hotel, KTV, and other places. It is used to make doors, windows, floors, stairs, tables, ceiling, folding screen, background wall, and more.

The carved glass is the glass with various three-dimensional exquisite patterns which are made by carving and chemical reaction. It is mostly used for decoration in the doors, stairs, windows, partition, anti-skid flooring, and folding screen.

The polished glass is the glass whose surface has been cleaned and smoothed by chemical solution. It is widely used in electronic products. This material is also applied in the indoor and outdoor decoration of doors and windows, ceiling, partition, porch, folding screen, and background wall.

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