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Bullet-Proof Glass for Building

1. Bullet Proof

Made of glass and organic layers through high temperature and high pressure processing, our bullet-proof glass for building is able to stop bullets from arms like AK-47, M14, and M16.

2. Anti-Bandit
With excellent strength and toughness, our bullet-proof glass could provide outstanding protection against attacks from sharp weapon like axe, hammers and so forth. It is not easy to be destroyed or broken through.

3. Light Weight
Compared with its counterparts, our bullet-proof glass is much lighter, thinner and provides higher levels of security.

4. Anti Ultraviolet
The bullet-resistant glass could absorb most of the ultraviolet in the sunlight that irradiates on its surface.

5. Sound and Heat Insulation
Compared with pure glass materials, bulletproof glass could effectively prevent the transmission of noise and heat.

This bulletproof material is widely used in the banks, jewelry, securities, postal services, insurance, and other systems. It also finds application in the villas, commercial buildings, and other places requiring high security.

Size Scope
Max. Size: 2200mm×4900mm
Min. Size: 100mm×100mm

Technical Parameters
Item No. FAK47B-35-XH
Thickness 35mm in total
Structure 4mmGlass+1.52mmPVB+10mmGlass +1.52mmPVB+10mmGlass+ 1.52mmPVB+3mm Glass+ 1.25mmPU+3mmPC
Application For Building and Vehicles
Color Transparent
Bullet Velocity 710m/s
Testing Weapon AK47 Rifle-7.62mm×39 Rifle Bullet
Light Transmission 80%
Weight 87.5 hg/m2
Product Description After FAK47B-35-XH transparent armor have been shot for three times by a AK47 rifle with 7.62×39mm rifle bullet, none of the three bullets could perforate the glass and no splinter is ejected from the back of the glass, so FAK47B-35-XH could effectively prevent a flying bullet at the velocity of 710m/s.
Testing Results
Sample NO. 1
Shoot NO. A B C
Shoot Distance 10m 10m 10m
Bullet Velocity 717m/s 720m/s 718m/s
Perforation No No No
Dent Size (front side) 14.6mm 14.0mm 11.0mm
Buldge Size (back side ) 0 2.0mm 5.0mm
Splinter Range 0 0 0
Splinter Size (biggest size) 0 0 0
Pictures (After Shot)
Sample 1 front side after shot
Sample 1 back side after shot
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