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Bullet-Proof Glass for Automobile

Our bullet-proof glass for automobile is made of top quality glass and special organic material by hot bending and other special technology according to the customer requirements.

When the bullet-resistant glass is struck by a high-speed warhead, radial cracks will form in the hit part, which deform the warhead and reduce its kinetic energy so as to prevent the warhead piercing through the glass. Additionally, the glass fragments will be stuck by organic adhesive and not fall off or splash, thus protecting human and objects around from being hurt or damaged.

The bullet-proof glass is composed of multiple pieces of transparent plate glass with different thickness and multiple pieces of PVB film. Since the glass and the PVB film are bonded firmly, almost as a whole, as well as the glass has high hardness while the PVB film has good toughness, when the bullet comes into contact with the glass, its impact energy is weakened to a very low level or even zero. Therefore, the bullet is unable to penetrate the bullet-proof glass.

The bullet-proof glass is widely applied in vehicles for which high safety may be required, such as bank's armored cars, anti-riot cars, command vehicles, police wagons, luxury cars, frontier defense patrol cars, and so on.

Our company has maintained a cooperative relationship with several large domestic car manufacturers for many years. At the present stage, we are also engaged in the development of various composite materials for special glass. Welcome to call us.

We can provide transparent armor against the following gun shooting.
M14 automatic rifle/7.62mm NATO bullet
F56 tommy gun/7.62mm steel-core bullet
F79 light-duty tommy gun/7.62mm steel-core bullet

Technical Parameters
Item No. FM14B-39-XH
Thickness 39mm in total
Structure 8mmGlass+1.52mmPVB+8mmGlass +0.76mmPVB+8mmGlass+0.76PVB +8mmGlass+1.25mmPU+4.5mmPC
Application For Building and Vehicles
Color Transparent
Bullet Velocity 850m/s
Testing Weapon M14 Rifle-7.62mm×51mm NATO Bullet
Light Transmission 80%
Weight 97.5 kg/m2
Product Description After FM14B-39-XH ballistic glass have been shot for three times by a M14 rifle with 7.62mm×51mm NATO bullet, none of the three bullets could perforate the glass and no splinter is ejected from the back of the glass, so FM14B-39-XH can effectively prevent a flying bullet at the velocity of 850m/s.
Testing Results
Sample NO. 1 2
Shoot NO. A B C A B C
Shoot Distance 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m 10m
Bullet Velocity 830m/s 831m/s 830m/s 828m/s 841m/s 838m/s
Perforation No No No No No No
Dent Size (front side) 17.6mm 33.8mm 45.0mm 17.6mm 31.5mm 36.0mm
Buldge Size (back side ) 1.3mm 7.0mm 11.5mm 2.5mm 5.7mm 13.1mm
Splinter Range 0 0 0 0 0 0
Splinter Size (biggest size) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pictures (After Shot)
Sample 1 front side after shot Sample 2 front side after shot
Sample 1 back side after shot Sample 2 back side after shot
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